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Valentinus: Summer Harvest

The following text is excerpted from Bentley Layton in The Gnostic Scriptures (Doubleday 1987), pp. 248-249. The text comes from Hippolytus of Rome, Against Heresies 6.37.7-8. This little ditty is not a fragment but rather a complete work of Valentinus. Please refer to Layton for background, bibliography, and notes.

Summer Harvest

I see in spirit that all are hung
I know in spirit that all are borne
Flesh hanging from soul
Soul clinging to air
Air hanging from upper atmosphere

Crops rushing forth from the deep
A babe rushing forth from the womb.

He means this: "flesh" according to them is matter which "hangs from" the "soul" of the craftsman. "Soul clings to air": i.e. the craftsman (clings) to spirit of the outer fullness. And "air hangs from upper atmosphere," i.e. the outer wisdom (hangs) from the inner boundary and the entire fullness. "Crops rush forth from the deep," having become the complete emanation of the aeons from the parent.

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