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Naassene Fragment

"The Law of Universal Genesis was the first born nous; the second, Chaos shed by the firstborn. The third was received by the soul [.....]

Clad in the shape of a hind She [Sophia] is worn away with death's slavery.

Now She has mastery and glimpses light: now She is plunged in misery and weeps.

Now She is mourned, and her self rejoices. Now she weeps and is finally condemned.

Now She is condemned and finally dies.

And now She reaches the point where hemmed in by evil, She knows no way out. Misled, She has entered a labyrinth.

Then Jesus said, "Behold, Father, she wanders the earth pursued by evil. Far from thy Breath she is going astray. She is trying to flee bitter Chaos, and does not know how she is to escape. Send me forth, O Father, therefore, and I, bearing the seal shall descend and wander all Aeons through, all mysteries reveal. I shall manifest the forms of the gods and teach them the secrets of the holy way which I call Gnosis [.....]"

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