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English Translation of 0212

The following translation is made by D.C. Parker, D.G.K. Taylor, and M.S. Goodacre (Studies in the Early Text of the Gospels and Acts, p. 201).

01 of [Zebed]ee and Salome a[nd] the women
02 [amongst] those who followed him from
03 [Galil]ee to see the cr(ucified one). Now, it was
04 [the day] of Preparation, Sabbath was dawn-
05 [ing.] Now as it was becoming evening on the Prep-
06 [aration,] that is the day before the Sabbath, there app-
07 [roached] a man, a member of the council [be-
08 [ing,] from Erinmathaia, a city of
09 [Jud]ea, named Jo[seph], a good, right-
10 [eous man,] being a disciple of Je(sus), but hid-
11 [de]n for fear of the
12 [Jew]s, and he was expecting
13 [the] k[ingdom] of Go(d). This one was not
14 [consent]ing to the c[ounsel]
15 [...........................................]

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