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Reticius of Autun

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Estimated Range of Dating: 310-334 A.D.

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Information on Reticius of Autun

J. Quasten writes, "Among the bishops of the Constantinian period there is hardly anyone who had a greater reputation in Gaul than Reticius, bishop of Autun. The Emperor sent him to Rome to attend the synods of 313 and 314, which dealt with the Donatist controversy. Jerome mentions that he had read his commentary On the Canticle of Canticles and 'his great volume' Against Novatian (De vir. ill. 82). He passes a severe criticism on the first because he found many absurdities in it (Epist. 37; Epist. 5, 2). Neither of the two works known to Jerome survives. The exegetical study of the Canticle of Canticles was used in the twelfth century by Berenger of Poitiers, whose Apology for Abelard, written against Bernard of Clairvaux, contains a passage from the introduction. Augustine quotes an interesting sentence regarding original sin which seems to be from the Against Novatian (Contra Julianum 1, 3, 7; Opus imperf. c. Jul. 1, 55)." (Patrology, vol. 2, pp. 413-414)

G. Röwekamp writes, "Reticius was (incorrectly) regarded in the Middle Ages as the first bishop of Autun. He took part in the Synods of Rome (313) and Arles (314) at which Donatism was condemned. He wrote a commentary on the Song (comm.), of which Jerome did not think highly (ep. 37; ep. 3), and a work against the Novatians (c. Nov.). Only fragments of these writings have survived. Reticius died ca. 334; Gregory of Tours has left an effusive obituary of him (glor. conf. 74)." (Dictionary of Early Christian Biography, p. 514)

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