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Julius Cassianus

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Estimated Range of Dating: 160-180 A.D.

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Information on Julius Cassianus

J. Quasten writes (Patrology, vol 1, pp. 274-275):

Another representative of the Encratites is Julius Cassianus. Clement of Alexandria mentions two of his writings in Stromat. 3,13,92. The first of these was entitled Exegetica. We learn from Clement that the first book of this dealt with the age of Moses. The title of the second work was Concerning Abstinence or Eunuchry, Περι εγκρατειασ η περι ευνουχιας. Two passages which Clement quotes from this work reject all sexual intercourse, and a third makes use of the Gnostic Gospel of the Egyptians (cf. above, p. 113). On account of his Docetism Clement associates him with Valentinus and Marcion. It would appear that Julius Cassianus taught in Egypt about the year 170 A.D.

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