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Estimated Range of Dating: 280-310 A.D.

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Information on Pierius

Enrico Norelli writes, "Theognostus's successor was Pierius, mentioned by Eusebius (Hist. eccl. 7.32.27) and Jerome (Vir. ill. 76). Jerome says that Pierius was known as Origen the Younger, and that after the persecution of Diocletian he spent the rest of his life in Rome. He died after 309. Jerome mentions a homily of his, On the Prophet Hosea, which was delivered at an Easter vigil; Photius (Lex. 119) gives the homily the name On Easter and on the Prophet Hosea; Philip of Side gives it the title On the Beginning of Hosea. Philip also mentions three other works: On the Gospel of Luke (also mentioned by Photius); On the Mother of God; and On the Life of St. Pamphilus. Some fragments of Pierius's writings have survived." (Early Christian Greek and Latin Literature, vol. 1, p. 307)

T. Böhm writes, "Pierius, an Alexandrian presbyter (end of 3rd c.), was head of the school there. His writings, especially the homilies, were widely circulated. He fled to Rome, either because of the Diocletian persecution or because of disagreements with Peter I of Alexandria. Photius cites only a few fragments - on Lk and from an Easter homily (cod. 119) - from Pierius's extensive works. Two other fragments (fr.) are preserved in Philip of Side. Photius also says that Pierius taught two ousiai or natures in God (cod. 119); how true this is is disputed." (Dictionary of Early Christian Literature, p. 489)

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