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The Apostolic Fathers

The Apostolic Fathers by J.B. Lightfoot: Part I, Volume 2: Hippolytus of Portus

§ 9.


We are now in a position to tabulate the various writings of Hippolytus by the aid of our chief authorities Eusebius, Jerome, Georgius Syncellus, Ebed-Jesu, Photius and Theodoret; and to compare the table thus obtained with the list of works inscribed on the Chair. It will be noticed that the results are fairly satisfactory. If we may consider ourselves justified in supposing that we have in the Muratorian Canon and in the Liber Generationis translations of the ωδαι εις πασας τας γραφας and the χρονικα respectively (see above, I. p. 259 sq, II pp. 399, 405 sq), in almost every other case we can identify the works mentioned on the Chair with the help of the several lists of Hippolytus' writings, as they occur in the patristic notices of the saint. Of these lists that of Jerome is the most complete. Again, extracts of some of the works themselves survive in the pages of Photius, Theodoret, etc., and throw much light on the scope and contents of the several treatises. It would be premature to conclude that an absolute identification has in every instance been established. Doubtless in the light of fresh discoveries our present results will require modification. But it is fair to say that the table given below has been worked out ata n expenditure of considerable care and attention.

The writings of Hippolytus are arranged and numbered in the order given in § 5 of this chapter (see above, p. 388 sq), where the arguments for the identification of the various writings will be found stated at greater length.


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