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John 21:4 - NIV, NAB - in Clement of Alexandria The Instructor Book I

In many ways Scripture celebrates us, and describes us in manifold figures of speech, giving variety to the simplicity of the faith by diverse names Accordingly, in the Gospel, "the Lord, standing on the shore, says to the disciples"-they happened to be fishing-"and called aloud, Children, have ye any meat? "[16]

John 21:11 - NIV, NAB - in Acts of the Holy Apostle Thomas

e three words with which I am set on fire, and I cannot tell them to others; O Jesus, man slain, dead, buried; Jesus, God of God, and Saviour who bringest the dead to life, and healest those who are diseased; O Jesus, who appearest to be in want, and savest as if in want of nothing, catching the fishes for the morning and the evening meal, and establishing all in abundance with a little bread; Jesus, who didst rest from the toil of the journey as a man, and walk upon the waves as God;[38]

John 21:15 - NIV, NAB - in Cyprian Treatise I On the Unity of the Church

And again to the same He says, after His resurrection, "Feed nay sheep."[12]

John 21:17 - NIV, NAB - in Cyprian Epistle II

To Simon, too, He speaks thus: "Lovest thou me? He answered, I do love Thee. He saith to him, Feed my sheep."[6]

John 21:18 - NIV, NAB - in Tertullian Scorpiace

We read the lives of the Cµsars: At Rome Nero was the first who stained with blood the rising faith. Then is Peter girt by another,[113]

John 21:18 - NIV, NAB - in Origen Against Celsus Book II

For he would neither hear the words of Jesus, when He predicted to Peter, "When thou shalt be old, thou shalt stretch forth thy hands,"[106]

John 21:19 - NIV, NAB - in Tertullian The Apology

If equanimity be the contention, you have Lycurgus choosing death by self-starvation, because the Lacons had made some emendation of his laws: the Christian, even when he is condemned, gives thanks.[68]

John 21:20 - NIV, NAB - in Tertullian The Prescription Against Heretics

Was anything, again, concealed from John, the Lord's most beloved disciple, who used to lean on His breast[228]

John 21:20 - NIV, NAB - in The First Epistle of Clement Concerning Virginity

John, again, who "reclined on the bosom of our Lord, and whom He greatly loved,"[50]

John 21:22 - NIV, NAB - in Acts of the Holy Apostle and Evangelist John the Theologian

And after that they remembered what had been said to Peter by the Lord about him: For what does it concern thee if I should wish him to remain until I come?[20]

John 21:23 - NIV, NAB - in Tertullian A Treatise on the Soul

Even John underwent death, although concerning him there had prevailed an ungrounded expectation that he would remain alive until the coming of the Lord.[299]

John 21:25 - NIV, NAB - in Origen de Principiis Book II

and clearly what truth is, save the Father of truth? who can investigate with certainty the universal nature of His Word, and of God Himself, which nature proceeds from God, except God alone, with whom the Word was), we ought to regard it as certain that this Word, or Reason (if it is to be so termed), this Wisdom, this Truth, is known to no other than the Father only; and of Him it is written, that "I do not think that the world itself could contain the books which might be written,"[79]

John 21:25 - NIV, NAB - in Origen Commentary on John Book I

Why should I say, "are not contained in writings"? For John speaks of the whole world in this connection, and says:[54]

John 21:25 - NIV, NAB - in Origen Commentary on Matthew Book XIV

and for this reason the writers of the Gospels have concealed the clear exposition of the parables, because the things signified by them were beyond the power of the nature of words to express, and every solution and exposition of such parables was of such a kind that not even the whole world itself could contain the books that should be written[81]

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