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Acts 28 - NIV, NAB - in Tertullian On Idolatry

, also the inroad of idolatry must be foreguarded against, either from the defect of custom or of timidity. The law prohibits the gods of the nations from being named,[162]

Acts 28 - NIV, NAB - in The Gospel of Pseudo-Matthew

And while James was collecting the vegetables, a viper suddenly came out of a hole and struck his hand,[77]

Acts 28:1 - NIV, NAB - in Acts of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul

It came to pass, after Paul went out of the island Gaudomeleta,[1]

Acts 28:3 - NIV, NAB - in Tertullian Scorpiace

Finally, we often aid in this way even the heathen, seeing we have been endowed by God with that power which the apostle first used when he despised the viper's bite.[4]

Acts 28:11 - NIV, NAB - in Irenaeus Against Heresies Book III

and the signs of the ships, and how they made shipwreck;[237]

Acts 28:17 - NIV, NAB - in Five Books in Reply to Marcion

Because, deservedly, "made gross in heart."[59]

Acts 28:22 - NIV, NAB - in Lactantius On the Workmanship of God

For if you afforded yourself a ready hearer in literature, which did nothing else than form the style, how much more teachable ought you to be in these true studies, which have reference even to the life! And I now profess to you, that I am hindered by no necessity of circumstance or time from composing something by which the philosophers of our sect[2]

Acts 28:25 - NIV, NAB - in Hippolytus Dogmatical and Historical Fragments

by whom the world moves; by whom creation consists, and all things have life; who also wrought mightily in the prophets,[412]

Acts 28:26 - NIV, NAB - in Tertullian On Fasting

Through them, to wit, had "the heart of the People been made thick, lest they should see with the eyes, and hear with the ears, and understand with a heart"[36]

Acts 28:26 - NIV, NAB - in Methodius Oration Concerning Simeon and Anna

You will discover the meaning of this, my attentive hearer, if you do but take up and examine what follows upon this narration: For hearing, he says, ye shall hear, and shall not understand; and seeing, ye shall see, and not perceive.[103]

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