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Acts 16:1 - NIV, NAB - in Tertullian On Modesty

Even if, for certain, the apostle had granted pardon of fornication to that Corinthian, it would be another instance of his once for all contravening his own practice to meet the requirement of the time. He circumcised Timotheus alone, and yet did away with circumcision.[211]

Acts 16:3 - NIV, NAB - in Tertullian Against Marcion Book V

He therefore made some concession, as was necessary, for a time; and this was the reason why he had Timothy circumcised,[98]

Acts 16:3 - NIV, NAB - in Tertullian On Monogamy

(conversion to) the faith, he would have done (it), just as (he did) the other (actions) which he did adversely to the (strict) letter of his own rule, to suit the circumstances. of the times: circumcising Timotheus[97]

Acts 16:3 - NIV, NAB - in Origen Commentary on John Book X

or when he circumcises Timothy,[19]

Acts 16:4 - NIV, NAB - in The Teaching of the Apostles

For they, who had received from our Lord power and authority, had no need that laws should be appointed for them by others. For Paul also, and Timothy,[45]

Acts 16:8 - NIV, NAB - in Irenaeus Against Heresies Book III

For he says that when Barnabas, and John who was called Mark, had parted company from Paul, and sailed to Cyprus, "we came to Troas; "[232]

Acts 16:13 - NIV, NAB - in Irenaeus Against Heresies Book III

" And then he carefully indicates all the rest of their journey as far as Philippi, and how they delivered their first address: "for, sitting down," he says, "we spake unto the women who had assembled; "[233]

Acts 16:16 - NIV, NAB - in Irenaeus Against Heresies Book I

It appears probable enough that this man possesses a demon as his familiar spirit, by means of whom he seems able to prophesy,[163]

Acts 16:16 - NIV, NAB - in Tertullian De Spectaculis

accordingly, when the unclean creature was upbraided with having dared to attack a believer, he firmly replied,[24]

Acts 16:16 - NIV, NAB - in Cyprian Epistle LXXV

And this also is done in the present day, in that the devil is scourged, and burned, and tortured by exorcists, by the human voice, and by divine power;[35]

Acts 16:25 - NIV, NAB - in Clement of Alexandria The Instructor Book II

For there is no use of a sleeping man, as there is not of a dead man. Wherefore we ought often to rise by night and bless God.[180]

Acts 16:25 - NIV, NAB - in Tertullian On Prayer

(from praying) in public? In every place, he means, which opportunity or even necessity, may have rendered suitable: for that which was done by the apostles[162]

Acts 16:25 - NIV, NAB - in Cyprian Treatise XII Three Books of Testimonies Against the Jews

Of this same thing in the Acts of the Apostles: "But about the middle of the night Paul and Silas prayed and gave thanks to God, and the prisoners heard them."[468]

Acts 16:37 - NIV, NAB - in Lactantius Divine Institutes Book IV

What can I here deplore in so great a crime? or in what words can I lament such great wickedness? For we are not relating the crucifixion of Gavius,[248]

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