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A Handbook of Patrology

By The Rev. J. Tixeront, D.D.

Translated by S. A. Raemers, M.A., Ph.D.

Authorized Translation, based upon the fourth French edition.

English Edition, 1920.

Published in St. Louis, MO, by B. Herder Book Co.


First Period. Beginning and Growth of Early Christian Literature - The Fathers of the First Three Centuries
1. The Apostolic Fathers9
2. The Apologists of the Second Century - General Survey31
3. The Heretical and Apocryphal Literature of the Second Century52
4. The Opponents of Heresy in the Second Century75
5. The Oriental Writers of the Third Century83
6. Western Writers of the Third Century109
Appendix to Part I. The Acts of the Martyrs136
Second Period. The Golden Age of Patristic Literature (313-461)
1. Greek Heterodox Literature139
2. The Writers of Alexandria and Egypt152
3. Writers of Asia Minor and Thrace169
4. Writers of Antioch and Syria185
5. Syriac Writers216
6. Western Writers223
Third Period. Decline and End of Patristic Literature (461-750)
1. Greek Writers283
2. Syrian and Armenian Writers319
3. Latin Writers332

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