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Q Bibliography

by Rick Fowler

Allison, Dale C.
The Jesus tradition in Q. Trinity, 1997. ISBN 1563382075 (hardcover) Bibliography and index. Call No. BS 2555.2 .A46 1997
"... Originally I envisaged my studies as a collective critique of the various compositional theories of Q ... Indeed, for many years I thought it incredible that modern scholars could reconstruct layers through which a lost - or rather hypothetical - document has passed. But along the way certain observations began, against all expectation, to subdue my incredulity... I soon found myself, for better or worse, the author of my own compositional history of Q. I ended up doing what I once thought should not be done..."
     -from page ix of The Jesus Tradition of Q. Quoted because I think this has happened to many scholars.
Asgeirsson, J. Ma.
From Quest to Q by J. Ma. Asgeirsson and K. de Troyer and M. W. Meyer. Festschrift James M. Robinson. 2000. Pp. vi + 336. Price $60.00 USD.
Beare, F.W.
The earliest records of Jesus. Oxford: Basil, Blackwell, 1962.

Bergemann, Thomas
"Q auf dem Prüfstand: Die Zuordunung des Mt/Lk-Stoffes zu Q an Beispiel der Bergpredigt". Forschungen zur Religion und Literatur des Altem und Neuen Testaments 158 Göttingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht,1993

Boring, M. Eugene.
"A proposed reconstruction of Q 13:28-29" Society of Biblical literature 1989 Seminar Papers, edited by David Lull. The article is at pages 1 to 22. Atlanta : Scholars Press, 1995.

Carlson, Stephen
Kloppenborg, Formation of Q(1987)

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The Quest for Q. Edinburgh: T&T Clark, 1993.

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In fragments : the aphorisms of Jesus. San Francisco : Harper and Row, 1983. ISBN 0785809015.

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"Tradition in the Formation of Q." Paper resented at the one hundred and twenty-third annual meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature (Q seminar), Boston, 1987

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The original Jerusalum Gospel: being essays on the document Q. London: Constable & Constable, 1927

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"Criteria for identifying Q-passages : a critical review of recent work by T. Bergemann" Novum Testamentum 37 (1995) at pages 105-29

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Edwards, Richard A.
Sign of Jonah in the theology of the Evangelists and Q.. Studies in Biblical Theology, 2nd series : no. 18). 1971. ISBN 0840130686

Evelyn-White, Hugh Gerard
The sayings of Jesus from Oxyrhynchus | Logia Jesus (Sayings of Jesus) / edited with an introduction, critical apparatus and commentary by Hugh G. Evelyn-White. In Greek and English. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. [don't know the date]. lxxvi, 48 pages. Library of Congress call no. BT 306 .L6
Fleddermann, Harry T.
Mark and Q: a study of overlap texts, Bibliotheca ephemeridum theologicarum lovaniensium. volume 122. Leuven: Leuven University Press, 1995. Pp. xi. + 307. Price $56.95
Funk, Robert, et al eds.
The Five Gospels. New York : Macmillan, 1993
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Books and readers in the early church : a history of early christian texts. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1995

Grenfell, Bernard P., and Arthur S. Hunt
VOGIA IHSOY: sayings of our Lord from an Early Greek Papyrus (1897). Egypt Exploration Fund. London: Henry Frowde, 1897. This publication has been reprinted, and is available via Kessinger Publications ISBN 1564595749. The front cover says: "Discovered at the edge of the Libyan desert, this leaf from a papyrus book written about 150 a.d. This is an early Gnostic work that captures Jesus' pristine wisdom." And it captures some sentences of Q. Library of Congress call no. BS 2870. G82

Grenfell, Bernard Pyne, 1869-1926
New sayings of Jesus and fragment of a lost Gospel from Oxyrhynchus... Toronto: Oxford University, c1904. 47 pages. Library of Congress call no. BS 2970 .G79
Grenfell, Bernard Pyne, 1869-1926
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Griesbach, Johann Jakob
Synopsis Evangeliorum Matthaei, Marci et Lucae. Textum graecum ad fidem codicum. versionum et patrum emendavit et lectionis varietatem adiecit Io. Iac. Griesback. Halle J. J. Curtius Haerdes,1776 ; 2 Aufl. 1797; 3 Aufl. 1809; 4 Aufl. 1822.
Guenther, H.O.
"The Sayings Gospel Q and the Quest for Aramaic Sources : Rethinking Christian Origins" Semeia 55 (1992) at pages 41 to 76. ISSN 0095571X
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"Q and the temple : the Q community's attitude toward the temple" Th.D. diss. Knox College, Toronto School of Theology, 1998.
Harnack, Adolf
The sayings of Jesus London: Williams and Norgate, 1908
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James and the Q sayings of Jesus. Sheffield, UK: JSOT Press, c1991. 266 pages : 22 cm. Series: Journal for the study of the New Testament. Supplement series ; 47. Bibliography at pages 247 to 255. Library of Congress call no. BS 2785.2 .H37 1991
Hartin, Patrick J.
"The wisdom and apocalypitc layers of the Sayings Gospel Q. What is their significance?" in Hervormde Teologiese Studies vol. 50 (S 1994) at pages 556 to 582/
Havener, Ivan.
Q : the sayings of Jesus. Good News Studies 19. Wilmington, Delaware : Michael Glazier, 1986
Contains an english translation of Athanasius Polag's Greek reconstruction of Q.

Horsely, Richard A.
"Q. and Jesus: assumptions, approaches and analyses" in Semeia vol. 55 (1991) at pages 175-209.

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Whoever hears you hears me: prophets, performance, and tradition in Q. Trinity, (July) 1999. Pp. 256.

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Kim, Myung-Soo
Die Trägergruppe von Q: sozialgeschichtliche Forschung zur Q-Überlieferung in den synoptischen Evangelien. Wissenschaftliche Beiträge aus Europäischen Hochschulen, series 1 volume 1 Ammersbek: Lottbek/Peter Jessen, 1990.

Kirk, Alan, 1958-
The composition of the sayings source : genre, synchrony, and wisdom redaction in Q. Leiden : Brill, 1998. xiii, 443 ; 25 cm. Series: Supplements to Novum Testamentum 0167-9732 v. 91. ISBN 9004110852. Library of Congress call no. BS 2555.2 K54 1998
Kloppenborg, John S.
"City and wasteland: narrative word and the beginning of the Sayings Gospel (Q)" How the Gospels began = Semeia 52. Edited by Dennis E. Smith at pages 145-60. Atlanta : Scholars Press, 1990.

Kloppenborg, John S. (John Seargeant), 1951-
Excavating Q : the history and setting of the sayings gospel by John S. Kloppenborg Verbin. Fortress, 2000. 416 pages. Library of Congress call no. BS 2555.2 .K567. Dewey Decimal call no. 226.066
  "In this tour de force, the author offers a comprehensive introduction to the study of Q. Part I deals with the methods for studing Q, their presuppositions, and a survey of current research. Part II addresses more theological and theoretical issues relevant to the Synoptic Problem, Q as a document, its redaction, and its social setting" Quoted from page 18 of Eisenbrauns Scholar's Source, Books and Software. Volume 20.2. July - September 2000. List price is $32.00 sale price as of July 11, 2000 is $23.95 USD + shipping and all that...

"Kloppenborg Verbin brings in the harvest of Q studies. This is without a doubt the most thorough, wide-reaching, and convincing analysis of Q, tracing the course of Q since it discovery in 1838 down through its central position in hte new dimensions of theology for the coming millennium. From now on, it is required reading for anyone wanting to discuss Q."

- James M. Robinson
Editor of The Critical Edition of Q (Fortress Press, 2000)
Quoted from the back cover of Excavating Q
Kloppenborg, John S. (John Seargeant), 1951-
The formation of Q : trajectories in ancient wisdom collections. Studies in Antiquity and Christianity. Philadelphia : Fortress, 1987. xviii, 377 p. 24 cm. ISBN 0800631013. Library of Congress call no. BS 2555.2 K56 1987 Looks at the layers of Q.

Kloppenborg, John S.
Q parallels : synopsis. Critical notes and concordance.Foundation and facts. Sonoma : Polebridge, 1988.
Has the original greek text alongside english translation

Kloppenborg, John S. (editor)
Conflict and invention : literary, rhetorical, and social studies on the saying gospel Q. Trinity. 1995 ISBN 1563381230

Kloppenborg, John S.
"Symbolic eschatology and the apocalypticism of Q" Harvard Theological Review 80 at pages 287-306.

Kloppenborg, John S. (editor)
The Shape of Q : signal essays on the Sayings Gospel edited and introduced by John S. Kloppenborg. Minneapolis : Fortress Press, 1994. viii. 224 p. ; 23 cm. ISBN 0800626001. Library of Congress call no. BS 2555.2 S45 1994

Kloppenborg, John S. and Marvin W. Meyer, Stephen J. Patterson et al.
Q Thomas Reader Polebridge Press, Sonoma, CA. ISBN 0944344119.
Introduction to both Q and Thomas.

Koester, Helmut and James M. Robinson.
Trajectories through early Christianity Philadelphia : Fortress, 1971

[The] Lost Gospel Q : the original sayings of Jesus.
/ consulting editor, Marcus Borg. Includes bibliographic references. ISBN 156975 100 5 (hardcover). This is a little coffee table book, a sort of introductory book on Q.

Lührmann, Dieter
"Die Redaktion der Logienquelle" Wissenschaftliche Monographien zum Alten und Neuen Testament 33 NeukirchenVluyn: Neukirchener Verlag 1969
"In 1969 redaction criticism which Lührmann used, was already a decade old,... [but]... With Lührmann's application of redaction criticism to Q, however, Q was shown to be a document of early Christianity and a document with distinctive theology in a way that hitherto hand not been the case"
- from page one of Conflict and Invention by Kloppenborg.

Mack, Burton L.
A myth of innocence : Mark and christian origins. Philadelphia : Fortress, 1988. (Chapters 2 to 3)

Mack, Burton L.
The lost gospel : the book of Q & christian origins. Harper : San Francisco, 1993 ISBN 0060653744

This is a wonderful book that gives the complete background to the discovery of Q. As the back cover of this book says, "NOT EVERYTHING THAT CHANGES RELIGIOUS UNDERSTANDING COMES OUT OF A CAVE. Burton Mack uses the discovery of Q - the critical triumph that broke open the story of Jesus and the non-Christians who were his first followers - to break open a buried conflict in the secular culture of our own day..." - JACK MILES, director of The Los Angeles Times Book Prizes and member of the Times' Editorial Board.

It also contains a bibliography and index.

Mack, Burton L.
Who wrote the new testament?: the making of a Christian myth Includes bibliographic references and index ISBN 0060655178 or 0060655186 (pbk)

The saying Gospel Q is specifically deal with a pages 47 to 53. "The earliest layer of the teachings of Jesus in Q are the least embellished of any of his sayings in any extant docuemtn. That means that Q puts us as close to the historical Jesus as we will ever be. Thus the importance of Q is enormous. It has enabled us to reconsider and revise the traditional picture of early Christian history..."
- from page 47

"...the people of Q were fully preoccupied with questions about the kingdom of God in the present and the behavior required if one took it seriously."
- from page 48

Mayotte, Ricky Alan, 1959-
The Complete Jesus South Royalton, Vermont: Steerforth Press, c1997. xvii, 269 pages. Introduction, p. vi "... a compilation of sayings and teachings attributed to Jesus from the New Testament, Christian Gnostic writings, and New Testament Apocrypha." Includes bibliographic references. ISBN 1883642450 (alk. paper). Library of Congress call no. BT 306 .M37 1997. Decimal classification 226.05208.
  "The Complete Jesus is broken into nine sections, each dealing with a specific type of teaching (Commandments, Parables, etc.). These sections have been organized by theme, not source, allowing us to view all the sayings with a common form or subject in one section."
- my emphasis. Page xiv
McLean, Bradley
"On the Goespel of Thoms and Q" In The Gospel Behind the Gospels: Current studies on Q, edited by Ronald A. Piper at pages 321 to 345. Supplements to Novum Testentum 75. Leiden: E.J Brill, 1995

McNicol, Alan J., David L. Dungan and David B. Peabody (eds.)
Beyond the Q Impasse - Luke's use of Matthew : a demonstration by the research tean of the International Institute for Gospel Studies. Trinity, 1996.
Meadors, Edward P., 1964-
"The "messianic" implications of the Q material." in Journal of Biblical Literature v. 118 no2 (Summer 1999) p. 253-77.
Neirynck, Frans
The Gospel of Matthew and the Sayings Source Q: A Cumulative Bibliography 1950-1995. by Frans Neirynck et al. A two volume set. 1998 Pp. 1000 + 420. Paper. Price is $119.00 USD. As of October 2001 this set was available via Eisenbrauns.
Neirynck, Frans
"Recent developments in the study of Q" in Logia: Les paroles de Jésus - they says of Jesus: Mémorial Joseph Coppens Bibliotheca ephermeridum theologicarum lovaniensium. Leuven: Uitgeverij Peeters and Leuven University Press 59 at pages 29 to 75

Perrin, Norman
Rediscovering the teachings of Jesus New York : Harper & Row, 1976

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Wisdom in the Q-tradition : the aphoristic teaching of Jesus Cambridge [England] ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 1989.

Piper, Ronald A. (editor)
The Gospels behind the Gospels. Current studies on Q. (Supplements to Novum Testamentum 75. 75; Leiden: E.J. Brill, 1994)
Reed, Jonathan L.
"Galileans, "Israelite village communities," and the sayings gospel Q" in Galilee through the centuries. Winona Lake, Ind. Eisenbrauns, 1999 at pages 87 to 108. Series title: Duke Judaic Studies, Series, v. 1 ISBN 157506040x
Robinson, James M.
"LOGOI SOPHON: Zur Gattung der Spruchquelle Q." in Zeit and Geschichte: Dankesgabe an Rudolf Bultmann. 1964 at pages 77 - 96. Ed. Erich Dinkler. Tübingen: J.C.B. Mohr (Paul Siebeck).
According to Kloppenburg (Conflict and Invention) it was this article that "was intrumental in redefining the agenda for North American gospel and in putting Q back on the map of primitive Christianity" page ix

Robinson, James M.
"Building blocks in the social history of Q" in H. Taussig & E. Castelli (editors), Rethinking Christian origins : a festschrift in honor of Burton L. Mack (Philadelphia: Trinity Press International, 1996)

Robinson, James M.
"The history-of-religions taxonomy of Q: the cynic hypothesis" In Gnosisforschung und Religiongeschichte edited by Holger Preissler and Hubert Seiwert, at pages 247 to 265. Marburg: Diagonal, 1994.
Robinson, James M.
"The incipit of the sayings gospel Q" re: opening words of Q irretrievably lost. Revue d'Histoire et de Philosphie Religieuses, Vol 75 (Ja-Mr 1995) at pages 9 to 33.
Robinson, James M.
"The lilies of the field: Saying 36 of the Gospel of Thomas and secondary accretions in Q 12.22b-31." New Testament Studies v. 47 no1 (Jan. 2001) at pages 1-25
Robinson, James M.
"The real Jesus of the Saying Gospel Q." Princeton Seminary Bulletin vols 18, 2 (1997) pages 135 to 151.
Sato, Migaku
"Q und prophetic: studien zur Gattlungs- und Traditonsgeschichte der Quelle Q" Wissenschaftliche Untersuchungen zum Neuen Testament. 2/29 Tübingen : J.C.B. Mohr (Paul Siebeck) 1988.

Schulz, Siegfried
Q: die Spruchquelle der Evangelisten. Zurich: Theologischer Verlag, 1972.

Schweizer, E.
pneuma ctl Theologisches Wöterbuch zum Neuen Testament IV at pages 387-453.

Seeley, D.
"Blessings and boundaries : interpretation of Jesus' death in Q" Semeia 55 1991 at pages 131 to 146.

Seeley, D.
"Jesus' death in Q" New Testament studies 38 1992 at pages 222 to 234

Smith, Dennis E. (editor).
How the gospels began. Atlanta : Scholars Press, 1990.

Smith, Mahlon.
The Canonical Status of Q. at:

Streeter, B.H.
"St. Mark's knowledge and use of Q" in Oxford Studies (edited by Sanday) at pages 165 to 184

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"The order of Q" Journal of theological studies 4 1953 at pages 27 to 31.

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"The original order of Q" in New Testament essays. Studies in memory of T.W. Manson edited by A.J.B. Higgins. Manchester University Press, 1959 at pages 95 to 118.
Tödt, Heinz Eduard.
Der Menschensohn in der synoptischen Überlieferung. Dr. Theol. diss., Heidelberg, 1956. Gütersloh : Gerd Mohn, 1959. Translated into English in 1965 as "The Son of Man in the Synoptic Tradition" translated by D. M. Barton. London : SCM
"It was with Heinz Eduard Tödt's 1956 disertation that Q began to recover its distinctive theological profile..."
- from page 345 of Excavating Q under the subsection, THE DISCOVERY OF KERYGMATIC DIVERSITY
Tobin, Thomas H.
"4Q185 and Jewish wisdom literature" in Of scribes and scrolls : studies on the Hebrew Bible, intertestamental Judaism, and Christian origins presented to John Strugnell on the occassion of his sixtieth birthday, ed Harold W. Attridge et at., at pages 145-52. 1990 College Theology Society Resources in Religion 5 Lanham , Md. University Press of America
Tuckett, Christopher M.
"1 Corinthians and Q" Journal of Biblical Literature 102 1983 at pages 607 to 619
Tuckett, Christopher M.
Q and the history of early christianity : studies on Q. Hendrickson, 1996 ISBN156563246x Bibliography and indexed.

Tuckett, Christopher M.
The revival of the Griesbach hypthesis : an analysis and appraisal. New York : Cambridge University Press, 1983. Society for New Testament studies monograph series; 44.) Library of Congress call no. BS 2555.5 .T75 1983

Tuckett, Christopher M.
"Luke 4, Isaiah and Q" LOGIA edited by Delobel at pages 343 to 353.
Turner, Nigel
"Q in recent thought" 1968-69 80 Expository Times at pages 324-28
Vaage, Leif E.
Galilean Upstarts : Jesus' first followers according to Q. Valley Forge, Pennsylvania: Trinity Press International, 1994.

Vaage, Leif E.
"The Woes in Q (and Matthew and Luke): Decipering the rhetoric of criticism" at pages 582-607 in Society of Biblical Literature 1988 seminar papers Editor David Lull. Society of Biblical literature abstracts and seminar papers. 27 Atlanta: Scolars Press, 1988.

Vassiliaidis, P.
"Original order of Q: some residula cases" in Logia: Les Paroles de Jésus - the sayings of Jesus edited by J. Delobel. Bibliotheca ephemeridum theologicarum lovaniensium, vol. 59. Leuven: Leuven University Press, 1982.
Viviano, Benedict T.
"Beatitudes found among Dead Sea Scrolls" Biblical Archaeology Review Volume 18, no. 6 (1992) at pages 53 to 55 and 66

Wansbrough, Henry (Editor)
Jesus and the oral gospel tradition Journal for the Study of the New Testament Supplementary Series Vol. 64 Sheffield. Journal for the Study of the New Testament 1991.

Ziegler H. und E.R. Gruber
Das Ur-Evangelium : Was Jesus wirklich sagte. Mail Order Kaiser ISBN 1000937089 statt 34.90 nur 16,90 DEM
"Der kritische Bibelforscher und Naturwissenschaftler Herbert Ziegler bereinigte das Neue Testament von allem späteren theologischen Ballast, von Andichtungen, Fälschungen und Veränderungen. So wollte er aus den griechischen Urtexten jene Teile isolieren, die mit Sicherheit auf Jesus selbst zurückgehen. Das Ergebnis ist vorliegende Neuübersetzung der ursprüglichen Aussagen und Botschaften des Menschen Jesus - sein Ur-Evangelium. Mit einer Entstehungsgeschichte der Evangelien von E.R. Gruber.
207 Seiten, Lesebändchen, geb.

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