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The Works of Philo

The Works of Philo Judaeus

The contemporary of Josephus, translated from the Greek

By Charles Duke Yonge

London, H. G. Bohn, 1854-1890.



  1. On the Creation
  2. Allegorical Interpretation, I
  3. Allegorical Interpretation, II
  4. Allegorical Interpretation, III
  5. On the Cherubim
  6. On the Birth of Abel and the Sacrifices Offered by Him and by His Brother Cain
  7. That the Worse is Wont to Attack the Better
  8. On the Posterity of Cain and His Exile
  9. On the Giants
  10. On the Unchangableness of God
  11. On Husbandry
  12. Concerning Noah's Work as a Planter
  13. On Drunkenness
  14. On the Prayers and Curses Uttered by Noah When He Became Sober
  15. On the Confusion of Tongues
  16. On the Migration of Abraham
  17. Who is the Heir of Divine Things?
  18. On Mating with the Preliminary Studies
  19. On Flight and Finding
  20. On the Change of Names
  21. On Dreams, That They are God-Sent
  22. On Abraham
  23. On Joseph
  24. On the Life of Moses, I
  25. On the Life of Moses, II
  26. The Decalogue
  27. The Special Laws, I
  28. The Special Laws, II
  29. The Special Laws, III
  30. The Special Laws, IV
  31. On the Virtues
  32. On Rewards and Punishments
  33. Every Good Man is Free
  34. On the Contemplative Life or Suppliants
  35. On the Eternity of the World
  36. Flaccus
  37. Hypothetica: Apology for the Jews
  38. On Providence: Fragment I
  39. On Providence: Fragment II
  40. On the Embassy to Gaius: The First Part of the Treatise on Virtues
  41. Questions and Answers on Genesis, I
  42. Questions and Answers on Genesis, II
  43. Questions and Answers on Genesis, III
  44. Appendix 1: Concerning the World
  45. Appendix 2: Fragments

This work has been transcribed by anonymous from the 1993 reprint, but it remains the translation of C. D. Yonge, which is public domain.

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