Gospel of Thomas Saying 94

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Nag Hammadi Coptic Text

Gospel of Thomas Coptic Text


(94) Jesus [said:] He who seeks will find, [and he who knocks], to him will be opened.


(94) Jesus [said], "One who seeks will find. The door will be opened to one [who knocks]."


98 [94]. Jesus [says:] "He who seeks will find, [and to whomever wishes to enter (?)] it will be opened."

Funk's Parallels

POxy654 2, GThom 2, GThom 92:1, Luke 11:9-13, Matt 7:7-11, Matt 21:18-22, John 15:16-17, John 14:12-14, John 16:20-28, Mark 11:20-25, GHeb 4b, DialSav 9-12, DialSav 20.

Visitor Comments

I'm a witness to this ... But notice it does not say "immediately", and notice that it requires an outlay of personal "energy" on our part ... That of "seeking" and "knocking" ... For those of us who sought and found Christ as our answer know that the "knocking" on of doors is an endless succession for as long as we are on this earth. Those of us who are given much (spiritually) have raw knuckles from knocking on doors that open to illumination.
- 1of2

True teachers often say things for the purpose of evoking contradiction. It is unfortunate that so often such get recorded and then quoted. Knock & it will be opened to you? Since when was it ever locked.....
- Thief37

Also implies that most of us really don't seek (or knock). If we did, we would have "it." The ego-consciousness pretends to itself that it does (knock, ie., seek Truth), but in reality, it doesn't; it wants to "have it's cake and eat it too." It pretends it's seeking Truth, but it's really just revelling in itself. It wants that which is beyond itself, while maintaining itself. Thus, it never really ever knocks. At the moment of Truth, one realizes this.
- E. Grove

Scholarly Quotes

J. D. Crossan writes: "There is a lacuna in this text because the left bottom center of the manuscript page is missing. But the restoration is probably as certain as such things can be. The restored '[he who knocks]' presumes the Coptic [pettohm e]hun (literally, 'knocks inward,' see Crum: 458b), and this is still residually visible in the final tip of the -h- and the complete -un. And 'will be let in' is, literally, 'they will open to him,' which is normal circumlocation for Coptic's absent passive voice (see Guillaumont, 1959:49; Wilson, 1973:520)." (In Fragments, p. 100)

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Gospel of Thomas Saying 94

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