Gospel of Thomas Saying 68

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Nag Hammadi Coptic Text

Gospel of Thomas Coptic Text


(68) Jesus said: Blessed are you when you are hated and persecuted, and they will find no place where you have been persecuted.


(68) Jesus said, "Blessed are you (plur.) whenever they hate you and persecute you. And wherever they have persecuted you, they will find no place."


72 [68]. Jesus says: "Blessed are you when you are hated and persecuted; but they will not find a position in that place to which they shall pursue you!"

Funk's Parallels

Luke 6:22-23, Matt 5:10-12, 1 Pet 4:12-19, Clem. Alex. Strom.

Visitor Comments

The will of God is so opposed to the ways of most men that when a follower of Jesus' sayings finds himself persecuted by most men, he can be sure that he is truly doing the will of God on earth.
- John Landers

Do not seek to persecute, or seek to cast your aspersions. The hearts of many men need to be relieved of this impulse. The place where men cast stones from is perilous itself. Look around & listen, you will see how easy it is for dark clouds to gather. Forgiveness is the key, compassionate understanding is the way. Be like Jesus, not like fellow men.
- Owl

Scholarly Quotes

Comparing Thomas to Matthew and Luke, Koester finds that the Thomas form is more original: "The phrase 'and cast out your name as evil on account of the Son of man' is certainly Lukan; it is missing in the parallel passage Matt 5:11. Moreover, the reference to persecution has disappeared in the Lukan redaction of this saying, but is preserved in Matt 5:11." (Ancient Christian Gospels, p. 89)

Gerd Ludemann writes: "The meaning [of v. 2] is unclear. Is this talk of the lack of success of the ones who are acting? But in what sense? Perhaps it helps to note that 'place' also appears in other passages of the Gospel of Thomas (4.1; 24.1; 60.6; 64.12) and each time denotes the place of salvation. In that case v. 2 says that the persecutors have forfeited salvation." (Jesus After 2000 Years, p. 625)

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Gospel of Thomas Saying 68

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