Gospel of Thomas Saying 62

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Nag Hammadi Coptic Text

Gospel of Thomas Coptic Text


(62) Jesus said: I speak my mysteries to those [who are worthy of my] mysteries. What your right hand does, let not your left hand know what it does.


(62) Jesus said, "it is to those [worthy] of [my] secrets that I am telling my secrets. Do not let your (sing.) left hand understand what your right hand is doing.


66 [62]. Jesus says: "When I tell my mysteries to [. . .] mystery: [what] your right hand does, let your left hand not know <that> it does it."

Funk's Parallels

Luke 8:9-10, Matt 13:10-17, Matt 6:2-4, Mark 4:10-12, Pseudo-Clementine Homilies 19.20.1, Clem. Alex. Strom.

Visitor Comments

The one who knows these mysteries, will be able to give the world precious gifts.
- Peter T.

Reserve discussion of the mysteries for those of a like persuasion and who sit at table at one hand and for those who sit at the other hand speak to them only of the things of the mundane world --- to express it poetically. It is a conduct requirement, don't mix things up
- Thief37

"Left and right hands" are so called KAV SMOL and KAV YAMIN - parts of the soul and one of biggest mysteries in the Bible, similar to Bridegroom & Bride. The soul, who feels own left & right, will understand this half-word/metaphor.
- Fivetrees

Note: there are no words mentioning any "hands" in the Coptic text. Left and right are inner parts.
- Tomer

Left & Right are essential universal powers in our souls and Cosmos. These powers are the same as Bridegroom & Bride in NT/OT. Saying 62 explains specific, astonishing and secret aspect of L&R. For an advanced soul it shows difference of L&R qualities and feeling (sensation). There is no way to see as a whole and control L&R together without knowledge of this aspect. The subject of L&R is an essential secret of the Bible-Torah and universal secret of the Soul in all religions and cultures (see Greek Caduceus, Indian Nadis etc.). Ophis (serpent) of gnostic Ophites is a personification of power (inside of the soul), which balances and controls L&R, and is the only "being" able to go through paradoxes and conflicts of "two cosmic powers in heaven". The one who knows, understands, feels and controls L&R - is "above the all". And he is in an end of search. L&R is a connection between concrete, acute praxis of everyday life and abstract theory of mysterious knowledge. Aspects of L&R are very important (example: Mt 9:14-17) for whole understanding of logia. More on L&R "lines" see book of Baruh Ashlag "Shamati".
- thomas@ryterna.com

Scholarly Quotes

F. F. Bruce writes: "The first sentence is similar to the canonical saying about the disciples receiving the mystery of the kingdom of God which remains a riddle to outsiders (Mark 4.11 f.; cf. Matthew 13.11 ff.; Luke 8.10); but here the esoteric doctrine of the Gnostics is meant. The second sentence in the canonical tradition (Matthew 6.3) enjoins secrecy in generous giving; here it forbids the spreading of the esoteric doctrine beyond the privileged circle." (Jesus and Christian Origins Outside the New Testament, p. 137-138)

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Gospel of Thomas Saying 62

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