Gospel of Thomas Saying 110

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(110) Jesus said: He who has found the world (and) become rich, let him renounce the world.


(110) Jesus said, "The one who had found the world and become rich should renounce the world."


114 [110]. Jesus says: "He who has found the world and become rich, let him renounce the world!"

Funk's Parallels

GThom 81.

Visitor Comments

Good sayings are like onions. Lots of layers. "He who has seen the kingdom of God and become spiritually rich (seen the void sought by Buddhists i.e. the underlying energy that is all), let him announce that the polarity of the visible world is not where he wishes to dwell." Also, "He who has gathered material wealth (presumably while in the throws of youthful ego, greed and pride are a part of spiritual growth for all but the fortunate few), can now release the lower emotions and rise to a higher plane of spirituality." There are several other meanings equally valid.
- whiterfoam

Scholarly Quotes

Marvin Meyer writes: "Compare saying 81. The teaching on renunciation of the world also occurs in the Acts of Paul and Thecla, the Acts of Peter and the Twelve Apostles, and Pistis Sophia. See also Gospel of Thomas saying 27 on fasting from (or, abstaining from) the world." (The Gospel of Thomas: The Hidden Sayings of Jesus, p. 107)

Helmut Koester writes: "To be 'children of the living Father' is to be free from the society and not to be bound to the world and its values. 'Blessedness' does not depend upon the marks of success in this world. One's identity should not be determined by whatever is valuable for personal status in the social fabric of the world: householder, family member, religious leader, successful business person: [110]." (Ancient Christian Gospels, p. 128

Gerd Ludemann writes: "Like Logia 56; 80; 111.3, the logion is about the renunciation of the world. This time Jesus is addressing those who like the man from Logion 109 have profited from the world, but should now withdraw from it as rapidly as possible." (Jesus After 2000 Years, p. 641)

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Gospel of Thomas Saying 110

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