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The Life of Jesus Critically Examined

David Friedrich StraussTHE





Translated from the Fourth German Edition



Preface to the First German Edition

Preface to the Fourth German Edition


FIRST PART. History of the Birth and Childhood of Jesus.
Chapter I. Annunciation and Birth of John the Baptist. 77
Chapter II. Davidical Descent of Jesus, according to the Genealogical Tables of Matthew and Luke. 92
Chapter III. Announcement of the Conception of Jesus. Its supernatural Character. Visit of Mary to Elizabeth. 104
Chapter IV. Birth and earliest Events of the Life of Jesus. 144
Chapter V. The first Visit to the Temple, and the Education of Jesus. 191
SECOND PART. History of the Public Life of Jesus.
Chapter I. Relations between Jesus and John the Baptist. 209
Chapter II. Baptism and Temptation of Jesus. 242
Chapter III. Locality and Chronology of the public Life of Jesus. 273
Chapter IV. Jesus as the Messiah. 293
Chapter V. The Disciples of Jesus. 327
Chapter VI. The Discourses of Jesus in the three first Gospels. 357
Chapter VII. Discourses of Jesus in the fourth Gospel. 394
Chapter VIII. Events in the public Life of Jesus, exclusive of the Miracles. 420
Chapter IX. Miracles of Jesus. 451
Chapter X. The Transfiguration of Jesus, and his last Journey to Jerusalem. 601
THIRD PART. History of the Passion, Death, and Resurrection of Jesus.
Chapter I. Relation of Jesus to the Idea of a suffering and dying Messiah; his Discourses on his Death, Resurrection, and second Advent. 631
Chapter II. Machinations of the Enemies of Jesus: Treachery of Judas; last Supper with the Disciples 675
Chapter III. Retirement to the Mount of Olives. Arrest, Trial, Condemnation, and Crucifixion of Jesus. 719
Chapter IV. Death and Resurrection of Jesus. 787
Chapter V. The Ascension. 853
Concluding Dissertation. The Dogmatic Import of the Life of Jesus. 867

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