Alfred Loisy on Early Christian Writings

The Birth of the Christian Religion

By Alfred Firmin Loisy

Translated by L. P. Jacks

From the French La Naissance du Christianisme, 1933.

With a Preface by Gilbert Murray.

English Edition, 1962.

Published in New Hyde Park, N.Y. by University Books, Inc.


Preface by Gilbert Murray O.M.5
Author's Introduction10
1. The Sources17
2. The Gospel of Jesus61
3. Birth of the Belief in Jesus as the Christ89
4. The Birth of Apostolic Propaganda121
5. The Apostle Paul151
6. Persecution Begins181
7. Birth of the Christian Mystery and of its Rites219
8. Earliest Theories of the Christian Mystery253
9. The Gnostic Crisis295
10. Birth of the Catholic Church325

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